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    A Conversation Online

    Social media is defined as a conversation, a conversation between you and your audience using various mediums. We specialize in helping you start the conversation.

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    Pakistan's Internet Population

    An estimated 20 million people in Pakistan are using the Internet. Around 4,000,000 users are on Facebook.

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    LaunchPad Interactive

    Digital media has created waves in the International arena and is a valuable asset to the development of a powerful future. Realization of this fact gave birth to LaunchPad.

  • Digital Reputation

    Digital Reputation Management

    Digital Reputation is all about creating and managing your brand online. Let our experts help you with your online brand identity, your value proposition/unique voice. Let us manage your digital footprint and let you start a conversation online.

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  • DMA

    Digital Marketing and Advertising

    Let us develop strategies where you can market to your target audience. Our experts will develop 1 to 1 marketing strategies, niche marketing and geo targeting methodologies, to help you reach the maximum audience at the minimum cost.

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  • Digital Presence

    Digital Presence

    With new innovations in the digital world, businesses are adapting technology to open new avenues of communication with their audience. We will help you choose the latest communication tools and help you build your digital presence.

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About Us

All major businesses and institutions now have web presence and many have started to enjoy the benefits of digital advertising, marketing and an interactive web presence. Content, business presence and business interaction is on a rise - but at the brink of this digital revolution in Pakistan few know how to harness the incredible powers of the internet and the digital arena at its full potential.

Enter - LaunchPad: we bring you digital solutions to ensure that your business is set to take advantage of this digital revolution of the market place.